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entirely had Madame's anger

For a minute or two he had felt the truth of this, and now he began scheming out a method of submission. Nevertheless, he still talked jokingly, not wishing the matter to grow serious, and after he had put on his gloves he demanded the hand of Mlle Estelle de Beuville in the strict regulation manner. Nana ended by laughing, as though she had been tickled. Oh, that Mimi! It was impossible to bear him a grudge! Daguenet's great successes with ladies of her class were due to the sweetness of his voice, a voice of such musical purity and pliancy as to have won him among courtesans the sobriquet of "Velvet-Mouth."


"Oh, darling, do speak to her!" said Satin. "I've been trying to make her listen to reason for the last twenty minutes. She's crying because you called her a goose."


"Yes, madame, it's very hard--very hard," stuttered Zoe, choked by a fresh fit of sobbing.


This sad sight melted the young woman's heart at once. She spoke kindly, and when the other woman still refused to grow calm she sank down in front of her and took her round the waist with truly cordial familiarity :


"But, you silly, I said 'goose' just as I might have said anything else. How shall I explain? I was in a passion--it was wrong of me; now calm down."


"I who love Madame so," stuttered Zoe; "after all I've done for Madame."


Thereupon Nana kissed the lady's maid and, wishing to show her she wasn't vexed, gave her a dress she had worn three times. Their quarrels always ended up in the giving of presents! Zoe plugged her handkerchief into her eyes. She carried the dress off over her arm and added before leaving that they were very sad in the kitchen and that Julien and Francois had been unable to eat, so taken away their appetites. Thereupon Madame sent them a louis as a pledge of reconciliation. She suffered too much if people around her were sorrowful dermes.

« gave him twelve hundred thousand | トップページ | He had felt like a fence-post »





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« gave him twelve hundred thousand | トップページ | He had felt like a fence-post »